What started as the brainchild of Mr. Setlhanka Mothibi and his team of four has blossomed into one of the most promising ventures to come out of Marapyane and the surrounding villages. The first publication went online in February of 2020 through trials and tribulations.  

The magazine’s main aim is to showcase the talents that are in the village and to give people background of our villages; as most people do not know the history of our villages. Throughout the year, we prided ourselves in delivering well researched and interesting stories about people that we all know

As mentioned by one of our biggest fans, one Mr Sekgaolelo “Nkgau” Monamudi said “the main reason I read and stay engaged, is because its stories about people I know and familiar with”.   

Our stories are meant to uplift the community and provide information about entrepreneurship and promote healthy living through farming and sports. As part of a one year celebration the Team TVM organized a breakfast meeting in Pretoria whereby few people were invited to come and celebrate with us.  

We spoke to Mr. Derrick Mokonyane from Marapyane who said “I was particularly excited by the Village profiling feature and I was happy to see that the village I grew up in Ditlhagane was one of the first to be profiled, we then discussed the article and since then I have been a loyal fan. Furthermore, I was elated at the fact that Setlhanka “Josi” Mothibi took up the challenge I gave him to interview one of the most successful businessman from our region Ntate Molai, which he did in their January issue”.  

With the help of many of our collaborators, we were able to provide food parcels for the community during the 1st hard lockdown (Lockdown level 5) in April 2020 when most people could not afford essentials. As part of one year celebration, Team TVM (as the members of the team are affectionately known) in partnership with other role players teamed up with The Village Pop Up Market which is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) during the school-books-covering campaign, the beneficiaries were those school children from underprivileged families who were assisted for free in preparation for the new school year. We strongly believe in the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. The campaign took place from the 02nd to the 05th of February 2021. 

We are excited and energized for the New Year and further growth. “I look forward to seeing all the small businesses that will receive exposure from the magazine and I like seeing more young people take part in entrepreneurship in our village” said Dipuo Lekalakala who is the founder and director of Puo Media, who is one of our main collaborators since the beginning of the magazine. We interviewed Ms. Lekalakala in our June and July 2020 respectively.  

As a team, we remain grateful for the support we receive from the community and our readers. Here is to many more years of The Village Magazine and more stories to be shared. 

Our loyal fans, Mr Derrick Mokonyane and Mr Segaolelo “Nkgau” Monamudi getting to know one another better