“Beggars can’t be choosers”, most of the time we take this words for granted and fail in life instead of grabbing every opportunity handed to us and make the most of it like people always say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Tshepo Maimane is a living prove that dreams delayed are not dreams denied, from being a cleaner to being one of the best Setswana commentators for SuperSport TV.  

Find something you love, and you will never work a day in your life, Tshepo Maimane is living proof of that.
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Born in a rural place Madibogo Pan in the North West, Tshepo Maimane was raised by grandparents while his mother was working as a domestic worker in a small township called Stella. He started preschool at Thutlwane Crèche, then went to Madibogo Primary school before matriculating at GS PHOI High school both in the North West Province. He went on to further his studies at Rosebank College in 2017 and graduated this year with Diploma in Journalism.

Tshepo Maimane does everything, he does not have a specific job except for his most loved sports commentary, “I am a hustler joe, other than that I take everything as long as it is not drugs or crime” he said. He was a cleaner for four years at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) so he is not shy to take anything just for survival, like he used the Setswana term “sengwe le sengwe” meaning anything.

Prior to his employment at the public broadcaster, Tshepo tried by all means necessary to set foot inside the SABC buildings, after a yearlong attempt an opportunity arose for him to work as a cleaner through a cleaning company contracted to the broadcaster. He dropped his Curriculum Vitae (CV) at the then cleaning company that fortunately called him to come and start working as a cleaner. Getting that cleaning job at the SABC building made things a lot easier for him because he was closer to the relevant people with power to hire. It was not long until his other skills reached the relevant ears.

He landed the commentary job and is now living his dream. The late Cebo Manyaapelo had introduced him to commentating and the little time he spent with him was very educational and fun, “he was like a father to me, I miss him.” Maimane explained. Working with top commentators is a blessing, the likes of Baba Mthethwa, Reggie Ndlovu, Duane Dell’Oca, Mark Gleeson, Brian Mofokeng and Thabiso Tema; “I feel right at home” he said.

Euro2020 came and we saw the best European nations go head to head for the ultimate price, and Tshepo was one of the commentators chosen to commentate the games. Asked how he felt when the news broke about his selection in the star studded lineup he said “I got goosebumps when I was told the news, you have to familiarize yourself with every national team, their names, recent form so that even if you receive a team sheet late, you know you can say something about those teams”. Tshepo appreciated covering the tournament from start to finish and the only portion of the tournament he did not feature in was the final match between Italy and England.

He loves his job because it is not boring or stressing, actually he calls it a lifestyle. He goes to work in a suit and tie as a true bespoke gentleman he is. Nerves are part of the job because he was told that if you no longer have even a little bit of nerves before the match or production, just know that your time is up. Tshepo still gets goosebumps on every production he does to date. On the flip side, the job comes packed with a lot of perks as well, such as flying and sleeping a luxurious hotels and meeting different people that broadens my horizon and of course helps with networking.

Speaking about football in general, it was important to get his feelings about African players switching nationality to opt for European countries and this is what Tshepo said “Sometimes it is all about opportunities at home and away from. If you can follow the stories about African representing European countries, most of them it is a case of mother and father working at that country then the boy was born there by African parents, or the other way around. The player has the right to choose, obviously most players have African roots but we go back to opportunities, and what the association say about that because I would be happy only if it was happening in Africa to Africans like Khama Billiat playing for Bafana” concluded Maimane. The Village Mag would like to wish you well for the future.You can get hold of Tshepo Maimane on Instagram as Tshepo_Sparks_Maimane, on Twitter @TshepoMaimane7 and Facebook as Tshepo Maimane.

A true gentleman always takes pride in their appearance, Tshepo Maimane is one.
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  • August 20, 2021 at 3:19 am

    Dankie TVM for bringing such a Man to encourage us. We will learn alot from the words of this guy “indeed baggers can’t be choosers”, let us work hard to get what we desire


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