The beautiful and enthusiastic Dr Kgothatso Sehoole, a public servant that loves working with animals. Image: Supplied

Kgothatso is a lady born and bred in Letlhabile. She went to Lesedi Le Golo Primary school and proceeded to Eletsa Secondary school in the North-west province. She furthered her studies and graduated from the University of Pretoria (UP).

Growing up in a township was challenging but fortunately she had role models who guided her to overcome the negativity that surrounded her life.

Kgothatso’s love for animals began at a very young age as she grew up playing with dogs. Seeing her love for animals, her neighbor introduced Veterinary Science studies to her. In Grade 11, she was borrowed a career guidance book, where she read more information about veterinary studies. Once her interest started growing, her parents started buying her books to learn more about her interests.

She got admitted as a student for Veteran Sciences at UP and enjoyed all the years of studying with no pressure to finish but for the love of animals, making it easier to stick to the 7-year degree.

Kgothatso currently works as a State Vet and faces various challenges in her work place. To relieve the stress of working in a challenging environment, she visits private vet practices whenever she is free, which she enjoys.

Being a woman in the industry can also be challenging as she faces a lot of stereotypes that men are not subjected to. She also experienced this through cultural practices, where she was initially not allowed to enter a Kraal because she is a woman. This was eventually overcome only due to special circumstances that required her inside the Kraal.

Kgothatso does not plan to open her own practice because she loves being a public servant. This allows her to help fellow South Africans who cannot afford the services of a Vet, something she is passionate about. She also helps the community with more information about animals so that they know more about their pets. Kgothatso stated that although Veterinary studies can be challenging, all you need is hard work and dedication to acquire the degree.

Kgothatso would like to be remembered as a true public servant, who served at heart. A doctor that changed people’s lives, who helped people find better farming skills. A doctor that taught people more about animals.


  • August 26, 2021 at 12:56 pm

    Inspiration to the upcoming generation. Big up to Women!!


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