It is fun being beautiful as it is one aspect of your life, looking good definitely makes one feel good and do good. Meet Mpho Sehoole, the proud owner of CASROS Serenity Spa which is a beauty spa based in Montana, north of Pretoria. In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with The Village Mag the entrepreneur originally from the village of Marapyane in Mpumalanga province, spoke about a variety of issues close to her heart and what the spa is all about.

Mpho Sehoole a wife, mother of three children, an employee and the proud owner of CASROS Serenity Spa.
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She has always loved the idea of looking her best self which is something that was heavily influenced by her late parents Caswell and Rose Sehoole. Raised in a family as the only child – a girl child for that matter – she spent most of her time with her late mom (Rose) who was “obsessed” with dressing up and looking beautiful to the amusement of her father (Caswell) who could not stop complementing his wife.

Mpho started her educational journey at Ikageleng Primary School based in Marapyane and later completed her high schooling at Christian Progressive School in Pretoria. She went on to further her studies at Boston City Campus and Business College. In 2016 she founded a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) called Woman on Woman (WOW) which focuses on a lot issues affecting women and children such as fighting the scourge against the Gender Based Violence (GBV), access of the mainstream economy for women including the supply and delivery of sanitary towels to disadvantaged girls in townships and rural areas.

Through WOW, they run multiple projects which includes the campaign of collecting and donating food parcels, most recently they have successfully run a campaign within the Dr. JS Moroka Local Municipality and other neighboring municipalities in other provinces focused on providing psychological services to girls, which is something she is highly passionate about.

Currently Mpho works for a higher education institution and is also the proud owner of CASROS Serenity Spa based in Pretoria, Gauteng Province. Asked about how the name CASROS came about, the soft-spoken entrepreneur said “the name came about from the first three letters of my late parents’ names, when you say CASROS, it comes from Caswell and Rose who loved beauty and fashion”. So essentially this is a fitting way to honor them and keep their memories alive because; according to Mpho; both her parents loved looking good including her late father who was a very presentable man.

The idea of a beauty spa started as far back as 2014, but due to lack of resources the company was then registered in 2018 and after many years of doing market research the spa opened its doors for the first time on the 01st of September 2021. In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), having a solid support structure from friends and family especially her husband who played a huge role in helping Mpho and her team to realize her dream of opening CASROS Serenity Spa. “I created this space where people can fetch their beauty and happy from” said Mpho. They offer various services such as facials whereby they use the latest in technology innovations such as a machine called Microlight used in the facial rejuvenation therapies.

The grand opening of the beauty spa is planned for somewhere in December 2021, the date of the event will be announced as soon as it is finalized. There are multiple ways to get in contact with CASROS Serenity Spa, people may follow them on Facebook @CASROS and on Instagram @casrosserenityspa. Alternatively they can be found at 233 Enkeldoorn Avenue, Montana in Pretoria also on WhatsApp on 083 371 0485, you may call them on 012 012 5847 to make a booking.

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A strong black woman with a never-say-die attitude that is Mpho who refused to give up on her vision of owning a beauty spa.
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    The woman that will help you with a smile on her face …..and she ready to say yes I will do …keep on the good woman .

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    I want to try this spa thing maybe nka utlwa monate
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