Before Covid-19 disrupted our daily routines, Easter was one of the best times for socializing; Church gatherings, entertainment events, football tournaments, fun run/walk and also at the root of it all spend some quality time with family and friends. Boikanyo Mmutle is the founder of Lefiswane Fun Run/Walk under the brand LeftTown Festival and in this exclusive interview with The Village Mag he explains where the idea for the short marathon came about and how through this event, local businesses are making using of this opportunity to connect and market their offerings to their communities.

LefTown Festival is the organization behind the annual fun run/walk marathon event starting at various points at Marapyane ending at Lefiswane Stadium. Image: Supplied

Boikanyo “BK” Mmutle was born and raised in Lefiswane Village, and growing up in a village where there is the poor and the rich, he wanted to bridge that gap and find common ground. Post his high school years went to Gauteng to further his studies, and during that period he joined a 25km marathon (walk and run) where he met a guy who would eventually change his entire and perspective about a community coming together for a common goal. He realized how lucky he was to find a mentor by just joining that marathon.

The idea behind the Fun Run was simple, everyone can run, make friends and maintain a healthy body. The annual Easter fun run/walk caters for all ages with participants from immediate villages in the local Moretele region of the Dr. J.S Moroka Municipality namely Lefiso, Lefiswane, Ga-Maria, Marapyane all the way to Pankop including Senotlelo and Kabete. The 15 kilometer race which commences at the gates of Marapyane Buildit; is the longest distance in the race, followed by the 10km (Marapyane Rams Supermarket) and 5km starting at Agrico; all races will culminate at Lefiswane stadium. “My biggest vision is to see all these villages come together and actually taking up fitness lifestyle” – Boikanyo commented.

Boikanyo Mmutle is the man behind this project, although he faces challenges putting all these together, he is however optimistic that eventually all pieces will fall into place. Image: Supplied

For the past two years the Fun Run was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and the event was paused, but with effect from the 04th of April 2022; the South African National State of Disaster was ended after more than 745 days. This paved way for the organizers to actually go ahead with the much anticipated fun run/walk. This year’s Easter is on the 15th of April, this is the actual date of the Fun Run event and it’s the perfect time because the proceedings starts as early as 6am in the morning. Everyone can enter the marathon, irrespective of age, gender or background.

The community impact by this event is huge, more businesses have also come on board to also participate in this event which shows how important this is. Asked what his fondest memory is since the inception BK said “I remember in 2018 we had participant – a young boy who ran barefoot without shoes and immediately after the organizers were alerted, a communication was sent to the crowds then immediately funds were raised by participants, a grand total of R2500 was donated and that allowed us to buy the young boy running shoes” Boikanyo said.

There was also a drive for the sanitary pads for those who cannot afford, so the event itself is making a huge impact and credit to the community at large.

The official poster for the 2022 Fun Run/Walk which is celebrating its 7th year. Image: Supplied

Boikanyo likened the event to a rational ritual, meaning the public should see this event as a normality going forward as it impacts the people in a positive way. The Village Mag has partnered with the LeftTown Festival as the official media house to cover this year’s event. “The decision was too sweet to ignore and the partnership will build a solid foundation and a start of working relationship going forward” said Melba Ramotse, Head of Communications as well as the Agriculture Editor at the magazine who also happens to be a fitness bunny as well.

The registration for the event have started and the poster (pictured) has all the necessary information, but late registration at the venue will be considered before the marathon starts. Participants are urged to wear their masks and that social distancing and other covid-19 protocols will be observed. Whether you will be running or walking, just go and have FUN!

Whether you win or loose the race, the main aim is to have FUN, and as that suggested the image above is from the 2018 event. Image: Supplied

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