The Novel Coronavirus has not only shattered the world’s health systems, South Africa’s included. Every sector of our economy has been hit hard, resulting in companies taking extraordinary measures in order to keep their doors open, this included merging departments and retrenchments. People are forced to look for alternative ways to sustain themselves and provide for their families. Meet Tshireletso Mphane, one individual who when everyone was panicking, he saw an opportunity during the pandemic. Our Editor in Chief; Mothibi Setlhanka sat down with him for a quick question and answer (Q&A) session to talk more about his business.

Mothibi Setlhanka

01 December 2020

Mothibi Setlhanka: Mr. Mphane thank you for your time and welcome to The Village Mag.

Mphane Tshireletso: (Blushing) Uhm thank you.

Setlhanka: Tell us about yourself?

Tshireletso: I am a 28-year young man, born and bred in a village called Kgomokgomo in the North West Province. Professionally, I am a civil engineer and I also an entrepreneur.

Setlhanka: Academically what do you possess?

Tshireletso: Currently I am studying towards an Advanced Diploma in Project Management. Furthermore, I hold a BTech Degree and a National Diploma both in Civil Engineering.

Setlhanka:  You said you are an entrepreneur, tell us more about that.

Tshireletso:  I have recently started a gaming company called Gaming Options, fortunately the business appeals to both the young and old audiences. It was established in June 2020, basically we rent out gaming consoles with a game(s) of one’s choice at affordable rates. We hire out our consoles to individuals for private functions as large gatherings are permitted but strict and limited protocols during the RSA national state of disaster. Our service reduces stress levels and improves family quality time

Setlhanka: Beautiful! So how did the idea come about?

Tshireletso: Growing up in the village, I have always loved games but unfortunately at my house we could not afford them. Now that I am grown, I realize that the circle is still continuing and in a way with Gaming Options I get the opportunity to break it.

Setlhanka: As a startup company, what has been the most difficult aspect about running your business?

Tshireletso: From the top of my head, I would say the most difficult part about my business is the cost of marketing. There is a need for our service yes, but the financial obstacle brought upon by the lack of financial backing is just disheartening at times but we soldier on, hoping for better days.

Setlhanka: You mentioned that the company was established in June this year, how has the support been for you so far?

Tshireletso: The support has been good and at least since June 2020, we have been getting bookings every weekend and that’s encouraging.

Setlhanka: Are you looking for investors or to enter into business collaborations in individuals or companies which shares the same interests as yours?

Tshireletso: Yes, I am willing to enter into a partnership with likeminded people or companies. Anyone with ideas for growth who might be interested can approach me and we will see how it goes. Right now I am looking to partner up with event planners/companies.

Setlhanka: To date which games do you have and what are the most popular games?

Tshireletso: Fifa20 is by far the most popular, we have also managed to buy the latest Fifa21 but in terms of games I have the latest versions of Need for Speed, God of War etc.

Setlhanka: So which consoles do you hire out?

Tshireletso: I have a PlayStation 4 (Ps4) and Xbox One S, both come with 32-inch mounted TV screens. We do this to cater for everyone.

Setlhanka: How can people get in touch with you?

Tshireletso: People can search for Gaming Options, follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Bookings through emails can be directed to gamingoptions@yahoo.com alternatively they can reach us on 082 321 3407.

Setlhanka: Mr. Mphane rea leboga, thank you for your time. All the best!

Tshireletso: Thank you for having, much appreciated.