Many students and experienced professionals find themselves between a rock and a hard place choosing to continue working or staying in school even though they hate doing that. Even worse thinking that what they actually love does not provide enough opportunities for them to be able to sustain and build wealth. This is all far from the truth, it can be attributed to lack of access to facilities and information.

Matlhatsi Maubane

07 July 2020

From young age children who grow up in the village are given limited access to figure out what they are passionate about. This is due to a lack of career development facilities and information about what is available. With the economic environment of South Africa being negatively affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the unemployment rate skyrocketing, the need to create our paths is becoming more eminent.

Here are a few career choices to consider that need little to no formal school environment.


 Growing up in a village gives you the advantage to start in this career. Some people already know how to work the land in the close vicinity. One could take the time to go and learn from an already operating farm while collecting skills that would enable them to start their own agricultural business. This career choice is the solution to many of the country’s problems. Locally produced products encourage trading within a community which further creates jobs and keeps money flow within the community. This field can create jobs for people within the community; from actual farming, harvesting to logistics and much more.

2.DIGITAL MARKETING –Digital marketing is a new emerging career choice that requires only the internet and you are all set to go. Google, Facebook, and Twitter offer free online courses to learn this skill. With the internet becoming the main channel of communication between businesses and consumers, businesses need to have an online presence. It is not a skill possessed by many and it is in high demand. This skill can help you create your own advertising business as soon as you get the Digital Marketing certifications. If you are not interested in starting a business, you could use the certificates to apply for positions in media and advertising companies for positions like SEO specialist, Data analyst, Social Media marketer, or Content strategist. It is a highly versatile skill with great opportunities.


 Like any other career going into this trade is very risky. It requires talent and a lot of sacrifices to make it in this field. In terms of performance art, some agencies work with developing the skill and finding auditions for performers; agencies like our very own Puo Media. These might require some payment as they are businesses. There are more options for those that feel that it would be expensive to go the agency way, Famestreet.com is a free online agency where you can sign-up to become an actor or an extra on local shows. It is completely free to sign-up on fame street.

In terms of creative arts, LinkedIn learning offers free graphic design courses with certifications. Some websites like Coursera offer free graphic design classes but you pay to get the certificate. Other creative art subjects like photography and cinematography can be found online at adobe.com. Photography and cinematography will require buying software to practice the craft but in terms of hardware, a normal smartphone is a good place to start.

Although this article only covers a fraction of the many careers available to people for free, whether on the internet or from people in the community, it is meant to highlight the different types of careers to consider instead of university qualifications. They offer people the option to create their own businesses and thrive. Formal university education is important but when there are no funds for it, there are many ways to learn skills and make money off them.