Importance of Backyard Farming

Spinach from a backyard garden – Image: Internet

Since the dawn of time, mankind has always grown food in the comfort of their own spaces. In recent times – due to tough economic times and global warming amongst other reasons – we have seen this practice declining. Perhaps because people think “fresh” produce can only be obtained at a supermarket. Nowadays we have seen decline in government support to producers which in turn puts pressure on the country’s food security as many consume more than they can afford (figuratively speaking) – this drives the prices of produce “Supply versus demand”.

Everyone has a basic right to food nutrition. The United Nations has in 2008 established High-Level Task Force (HLTF) with the main key prerogative being “to promote a comprehensive and unified response of the international community to the challenge of achieving global food and nutrition security.”

We highly recommend backyard farming as it offers a lot of benefits. A lot of the people, the youth in particular still consider farming as a job for the illiterate – forgetting that pretty much everything their grocery cabinet is from a farm; well here at The Village Mag are here to change that perception. The following are just some of the many reasons why you should consider backyard farming.

The importance of having a backyard garden.

Ever wondered why is it important to have a backyard garden while you can simply get all the vegetables you need from a supermarket down the road?

Well let’s take a look at 4 main benefits of having a backyard garden.

A bucket load of tomatoes from a backyard garden to reduce the grocery basket costs Image: Supplied
  1. It improves your health.

By producing your own vegetables, you have control of what goes onto and into your food. You get to decide whether you want them organic or inorganic.

It is estimated that an average meal travels 1500 miles (2414 km) from farm to plate. Now do you think the quality and the nutrients they had when leaving the farm will still be the same when they get to your plate?

2. Saves money.

Growing vegetables has the potential to reduce grocery costs.

It is important that you know what your family likes because food waste=money waste.

3. Get outdoor exercise

When digging up soil, setting plants or carrying water, exercise is taking place.

Gardening gives all major muscle groups a good workout including your legs, arms, buttocks, stomach, neck and back.

4. Natural stress reliever

Vitamin D which is found in the sun can improve one’s mood.

Through deliberate mental focus and meditating on the actions of gardening, you are taking time to set aside your problems for a while. It is healthy to take a break from our stressors and gardening provides that outlet for a lot of people.

Fresh maize meal grown from the comfort one’s home. Image: supplied

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